Open Week Festival of Golf 2022

Ladies Teams of 3 Stableford:
1st – Karen Oakley, Julie Treacy & Eve Price 72 pts

Men’s Singles Medal:
Visitors Cup:

1st – Phil Parker (Astbury) 36 pts
2nd – Mike Steele (North Warwickshire)
3rd – Jakob Hegelund (Copeswood Grange)


Members Cup:

1st – Andy Rea 42 pts
2nd – Nigel Thomas 39 pts
3rd – James Evans 38 pts



1st – Pete Horne 42 pts

2nd – Rhys Cadwallader – Jones 40 pts

3rd – Jack Esworthy 39 pts


Two’s Sweep:

Paul Harris 2nd, Dave Oakley 2nd, Ed Booth 6th & 11th, Pete Williams 2nd, Nigel Thomas 11th, Rob Bayliss 6th, Andy Rea 2nd, Scott Greenway 4th, Chris Jones 2nd, Paul Davies 4th, Chris Davies 2nd, Matt Richardson 2nd, Bob Brown 2nd & 6th, Phil Evans 13th, Rhys Hicks 2nd, Mike Davies 11th.

£10.00 Per 2