Open Week Festival of Golf Thursday Results

Men’s Singles Stableford

1st – Jack Esworthy 44 pts
2nd – Geraint Lloyd 38 pts
3rd – Matt Richardson 38 pts

Two’s Sweep

Jack Esworthy 2nd & 6th, Matt Richardson 6th

£7.00 per two

Ladies 4 BBB Stableford

1st- Angie Jones & Sarah Richardson 41 pts
2nd- Julie Treacy & Karen Oakley 32 pts

Two’s Sweep

Lyn Evans 2nd - £10 per two

Leon Tabberer 4 BBB Stableford

1st- Simon Plumridge & Matt Wilding 45 pts
2nd- Adam Farmer & Will Hodnett 43 pts (Back 6)
3rd- Tom Goodwin & Ash Thomas 43 pts

Two’s Sweep

Morgan Evans 6th, Carl Tabberer 2nd, Dave Oakley 4th, Graham Haslock 18th, Ben Jones 2nd, Owain Price 6th, Simon Plumridge 4th, Matt Wilding 2nd, Tom Mills 11th, Will Green 11th, Dave Richardson 6th, Chris Offa 6th

£10 per two

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